From the game Lufia II for the Super Nintendo

Go into the config menu, and switch the music to mono if it's not already. Put the cursor on the music settings and press left. Now you should see your item menu!

If, at this point, you press left 12 times and press A, the game will freeze.

If, after opening the weird menu, you exit out to a world where you can walk around, then you will find that about one tenth of the time, your HP and level will display as 0, but you will be alive. Now, go back to the config menu and go back to mono and switch it to stereo. Now exit out and your level will be back to normal. But, check your stat page, and every single stat is at 999 or 9999 (including HP and MP)!

This bug only ocurrs in the USA version, was fixed in the Pal releases.

Submitted by: Thor

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