I've recently been promoted to Administrator of this wiki in an attempt to revive it.

This wiki was started as a direct port (of questionable legitimacy) of Glitchi, an attempt at cataloging all video game glitches in a single wiki. That wiki has become largely inactive, just as this wiki has. The reason is simple. MediaWiki is entirely inadequate for documenting every glitch in every game. Even MediaWiki lacks the organization capabilities required for such a massive task. This led to a very large amount of disorganization in both wikis, virtually guaranteeing that they would become unmanageable and fall into disrepair.

My plan is to make this wiki manageable by decentralizing it. Wherever possible, glitches will be covered in other Wikia wikis. Glitches in the Halo games, for example, will be covered at Halopedia and HSW. This wiki will essentially serve as a directory; we will maintain lists of glitches in games, linking to external documentation of these glitches.

This means that the Video Game Glitches Wiki will be a centralized place where a person can find every video game glitch that Wikia documents. However, the glitches will be better organized (because they will be contained in wikis relevant to their games). This also has another positive side-effect: glitch articles will receive more exposure, and are more likely to be edited by both glitchers and by other users that play the relevant games.

Now, this approach is not without flaws. Many, if not most, video game wikis have inadequate and poorly-organized documentation on glitches. Much of this documentation is unsourced, lacking information, and full of technical inaccuracies and erroneous instructions. Close cooperation with such wikis will be needed to get their glitch documentation to a usable state. My hope is that such cooperation happens and is successful, and that glitches affected by this problem are covered accurately and fully.

Aside from documenting specific glitches, I also plan on having this wiki document glitch-related technical concepts, like invisible walls and infinite voids. Furthermore, this wiki will retain any documented glitches that cannot be transferred to other wikis (either because other wikis refuse to document glitches or because there are no wikis for a glitch's game).

In summation, I'm attempting a total reboot of this wiki in an attempt to make it manageable and usable. I would strongly appreciate any assistance that you, the reader, may wish to provide.

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