From the game Final Fantasy IX for the Playstation.

Go to Burmecia with a party of Vivi, Ekio, Garnet, and Freya. Now there are two options for this, but here is the easiest. Get into a fight with the bugs with weird eyes that paralyze you, and have Freya kill everyone of your team and herself besides Vivi. Wait until Vivi gets the counter on his head from becoming almost paralyzed (if it doesn't appear, take off the jello ability). Wait until it's at about 3. Use the longest spell you've got. If you are lucky, you'll start casting the spell right after it reaches 0. Once the spell is over, when you come back, he'll either be stone or will turn stone right after the spell is done. Congrats, you now have a dead team. When you enter a battle, you'll automatically lose.

Submitted by: Thor

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