SpongeBob out of bounds near Jellyfish Fields.


SpongeBob out of bounds near Downtown Bikini Bottom.

From the game SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom.

If you go by Jellyfish Fields' Taxi in Bikini Bottom, and go in the out-of-bounds sand while taking the taxi, Hans will take you to Jellyfish Fields after the second time of doing this. Go back to Bikini Bottom and you will be able to go anywhere out of bounds. This glitch only prevents you from falling out of bounds, though the sand still affects you with it activated. To make you invincible with the sand too, you have to jump in the waterfall lake near the beginning of the level, with the spatula in it (with autosave activated). You will be able to go everywhere, and the save icon will be still on the bottom of the screen. NOTE: If you get caught by Hans after doing this glitch, this glitch is deactivated.

Submitted by: Loopa23

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