For The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64.
For a list of sub-glitches, see Swordless Link/Subglitches.

In Ocarina of Time, it is possible to make Adult Link lose the Master Sword, and hence have no weapon equipped to the B button. When this happens, the newly-Swordless Link's interactions with the environment become extremely erratic. The method used for the base glitch varies depending on the game version.

Fishing rod method Edit

To be added.

Ganon method, 1.0 Edit

Start the final boss battle against Ganon. When he knocks Link's sword away, save, quit, and restart. All done! Saving the game preserves the effect.

Ganon method, others Edit

Start the final battle against Ganon. After Link loses his sword, use the Ocarina Items glitch to play the Ocarina. (The Ocarina is normally unplayable here.) Play the Sun's Song. The battle will reset to the moments after the castle's destruction. Start the battle and lose your sword again. Use Ocarina Items once more to play a warp song. When you arrive at your chosen destination, Link will be swordless. Saving the game preserves the effect.

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