From the game Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2X for the Microsoft XBOX

You need to have the Warehouse level unlocked (The 1st level from THPS1). Go into multiplayer mode in the game "HORSE" and select the Warehouse as your stage. When you start, player one will be placed in front of a rail, but when player two goes, he/she will be in a different spot (facing toward the rail on a ramp). In the game "HORSE" both players are supposed to start off at the same spot.

For some extra weirdness in this level, continue playing "HORSE". when it asks you to push "A," look around to see if you can see any letters (the ones that make up the word (S.K.A.T.E) You will notice the letters but as soon as you push "A" and the letter leaves your sight, it will disappear (letters aren't supposed to be in "HORSE").

Submitted by: Mitchell VanRassel

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