A Computer game.

Movable statised archon

First build up until you get 2 high templars (or dark) and a arbiter with statis ability. Second merge the 2 high/dark templars.

(if your on fastbuild then u must do this quick/if your on normal build then be patient for merging). 3rd.statis the archon before the body appears in the circle. (a faster way would be to ctrl+1 arbiter and select high/dark templars. hit R+l+t) (If your on slow build then wait for archon to be olmost complete. you shuld see the bar olmost full.)

4th. when they finished merging (making archon) you should see a statis field around archon.

NOTE: this is just a cool graphical glitch. does not supply invincibility


Permanent Invisibility

1.Get 1 zergling and 1 arbiter.

2.burrow zergling.

3.patrol arbiter so that the invisibility turns on/off for the zergling

4. Right when you think your zergling is about to be cloaked,unburrow it.

NOTE: if done right your zergling should be permanently invisible.


Hallucinated Powerup

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