From the game Wanderers from Ys for the Super Nintendo

you need two controllers for this code to work

First, you'll need to activate the debug code. To do this, turn the game on, and wait until the Sammy logo fades completely in. Quickly, on Controller 2, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Select, Start. Now choose to Continue, and pick any game file. Press Select on Controller 1 to bring up your subscreen, then go to Status. Then press Select on Controller 2. If you entered the code correctly, the word "DEBUG" will appear on your Status screen. Now, try moving the D-Pad on Controller 2. Adol will slide back and forth on the screen without any animation at all, and Adol will slide right through some walls! While you are sliding, no enemies will appear. But when you stop, any set enemies for the area you stop in will appear out of nowhere! If an enemy appears on the screen, and you start to slide Adol again, it stops moving and slides in the direction Adol is going. When you let go of the D-Pad, the enemy disappears. But, as before, if there's any set enemies in the area you stop in, those enemies will appear!

In case you aren't familiar with the Debug code's true purpose, it makes Adol invincible. If his life meter runs down to nothing, it automatically refills an infinite number of times. You will also be able to access any place on the World Map, even if you haven't been to that area, yet. For example, if you use the debug code at the very beginning of the game when only the Tigray Quarry should be accessible, you'll be able to get into the Ilvern Ruins, Eldam Mountains, Ballacentine Castle, and Galbalan Island. However, going to Galbalan Island is not recommended, because without the Ogre's Ball of Fire, the temple inside the island is dark, and you can't see anything. And if you attempt the sliding glitch, you can get stuck.

Submitted by: Flying Omelette

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