This is for EarthBound on the Super Nintendo.

While on your way up to the Meteorite in Onett at the beginning of the game, Get your HP to 1 near the top. This can be done by guarding over and over in battle. Once you're there, get a Rope Snake or another enemy to chase you. Lead it around the slopes to the peak and make sure it's on-screen, yet unable to attack! After that, talk with Picky and the Meteorite to get Buzz-Buzz. Enter battle with the enemy and lose on purpose. Buzz-Buzz will cast a shield and since you have 1 HP, any attack will kill you. On the Game Over screen, choose to go back.

When you restart, you'll be back at your house with Buzz-Buzz, past the hotspot for the Starman Jr. Fight! Simply walk Pokey and Picky back to their house and continue as normal.

Submitted by Artemis251.

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