From the game Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64.

Go down to the hangar where the hovering crate is. Take the crate up to the firing range with you. Enter the firing area with the crate and select combat knives-bronze. stick as many knives as you possibly can into the crate in the alotted time. When you're done, take the crate up to Carrington's office. Set it next to the table. Then, go back into the firing range and select the farsight. Turn left (while facing the computer screen) and look up with rail gun mode until you see the crate in Carrington's office. Blast it. Then, go to the training thingy where you can train with devices and select the cloaking device. Go to Carrington's office as ususal (make sure you are cloaked when the game prompts you to) and when you enter his office, there should be knives all over the floor. Pick them up and you can shove them into Carrington... yay.

Submitted by: abrecan

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