To do many of the glitches for Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, you will need to activate the debug mode. To do this, enter your name as _Wampa__Stompa and start the game. Now, push start to pause the game once the level has fully begun. This sounds freaky but it does work, although it can get frusterating. Hold all the C buttons, the L and R buttons, the Z button, and the left button on the control pad. It helps if you have someone help you hold the buttons. Now, carefully tilt the control stick halfway to the left until you hear a sound and then tilt it to the right until you hear a sound. Keep on tilting it back and forth, not pushing the stick all the way, until some letters appear with cheats you can use. It takes about 5 tilts. To go through the cheats, use the control pad. To change a number or setting, push up on the control stick. To select a feature, push A.


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