From the game The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the Super Nintendo

First, get to the "Skull Dungeon" in the Dark World. Press the Y button to open up the map, and locate the room that is in the southeast corner of the dungeon. Go there. Make sure you entered this huge room from the north entrance. It's full of Gibdos and a Wallmaster. Take out all the Gibdos in this room, and ignore the Wallmaster for now. Find two blue bumpers that are right next to each other, with a skull vase in between them. Pick up the skull vase and throw it. Charge up your sword and hold it like this. Now, position yourself perfectly and bounce into one of the two bumpers. If you positioned yourself correctly, you'll bounce back and forth between the two bumpers and never stop. When the Wallmaster comes, immediately unleash your spinning sword attack that you charged up earlier. Keep on doing that each time the Wallmaster comes, and after about a minute of bouncing back and forth, press a vertical direction on your control pad to stop bouncing. Exit through the north door. Once you are in the next room, walk west to another door. You can now see the room on the other side of the door! Walk through the door now. Instead of going into the next room, you'll go BEYOND that room and get stuck in another door! Some people have had different outcomes, but this is a common one.

Submitted by: Clark Beyer

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