From the game Metroid Prime for the Nintendo Gamecube

Go Phendrana Drifts in the Ruined Courtyard. Go to the door that leads to the Quarantine Cave and find the place to the right where the guardrail becomes V-shaped. Hop onto it and look up and lock at an angle with the statue that lets water out. Do a long jump forward and to the right and then do another jump into the statue's mouth. Be careful because it's easy to miss by inches and fall to the bottom. Now, lock onto the middle of the screen once you let go, and back out slowly until you can see a little bit of scenery in the bottom right corner. Then, (make sure you're still in lock mode) jump to the right and then to the left on top of the statue. Now once on top, jump on top of the area with snow beside the statue and move to the left behind it until you find the place with just a small bit of dirt instead of snow. Now, face the inside of the room and jump backwards, out of the room, and into Secret World 2!

Submitted by: Glitched Symbols

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