From the game Metroid Prime for the Nintendo Gamecube

Enter Transport Tunnel C on Tallon Overworld, south of the Frigate Crash Site. You can only access it through Chozo Ruins. There is a log that goes halfway up a tree. Walk on the log until you get all the way up it. Then, tilt the control stick to the left until you see a crack. Hold R and pull the control stick until you're facing straight up. Press and hold L and release R so that you stay facing up. You'll notice that there is a crack that goes around the tree and there is a wider crack near the bottom of screen. That's your target. Jump and only jump forward and to the right. When you are lined underneath the wide part of the crack, jump again. After a few attempts, you should rise up through the crack and land on top of the room. Once there, you can only jump, not move. Around the room, there is a level where jumping is limited, and a lower level where jumping is totally disabled.The first level is black space, the second lower level is around the room in which jumping is limited to certain areas. To get to the second level, you most turn into a morph ball and barely fall, then turn back into ordinary form. If you walk under the room, under the floor of the other room, or by turn into a morph ball, then you will get to the third level under the room in which you fall for eternity. Basically, turning into the morph ball makes you fall - and weird stuff happens.

Submitted by: Glitched Symbols

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