This is for Super Metroid on the Super Nintendo.

Run at any speed (with Speed Boosters or without) and make a short hop. In mid-air, press down once to aim your gun downward. At the precise moment you hit the ground, press Down->Forward, much like a fighting game's move input. If your timing is right, Samus will continue her speed while in the Morph Ball form.

This has a few uses. First and foremost, using this technique can get you the Super Missiles and Ice Beam early.

  • For the Super Missiles, open the first door on the right side of Brinstar's elevator room leading back to Crateria (it's the room on the far left of Brinstar's map). Run on the short ledge and jump through the door. If you can land the jump and correctly perform the glitch on the upper platform, you'll roll right past the breaking floor and the two barriers, giving you access to a Reserve Tank, a Missile Set, and Super Missiles.
  • For the Ice Beam, perform the trick either through the door to the room normally requiring the Speed Booster to get to the Ice Beam or do it in the small space before the moving barriers. Normally you can run by the first barrier and the second stops you without the Speed Booster, but as a Morph Ball you can squeeze under the second barrier.

Also note that If you have the blue echoes of using the Speed Booster for the glitch, you can break Speed Booster blocks as a Morph Ball and still crash through enemies. If you have the Spring Ball and hold A as you hit the ground as well, you'll bounce as a high-speed Morph Ball.

Submitted by Artemis251

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