From the game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for the Nintendo 64.

Start a game using the first save slot (it can be a new or continued game) and then save your game at the owl statue in South Clock Town. You may have to exit and then reenter the area before saving at this owl statue. Next, start another game (saved or continued) using the second save slot. Call Epona, hop on and ride her to Milk Road. You can warp to Milk Road and then call over Epona, but you MUST exit and reenter the area (Milk Road) before doing the glitch. Save your game at the owl statue on Milk Road, but don't dismount or the trick wont work. Once you save the second file, return to the game from your first save slot. You'll be on Epona in Clock Town!

You can ride through any section of Clock Town, but you'll have to leave your steed behind to enter buildings. If you do go into a building, Epona will run away and you'll have to meet up with her in Termina Field. You can enter areas such as the the Bomber's Hideout (but you can't transverse the water, so that's pretty pointless). However, when we tried this glitch and exited the Bomber's Hideout, the game froze and a very warped version (sounded like a distorted electric guitar) of the Clock Town music began to play. When you talk to people, they will not look up at you like they should when you're riding Epona. Also, there is a ledge that you can actually make Epona fall off of! Go to North Clock Town and to the ramp that leads to the gated-in Deku game. You can fall off of that ramp. It's weird, because if you look at Epona falling in slow-mo (record it and then watch it frame by frame), you'll see Link riding on Epona's head or her butt.

Submitted by: lazio62

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