From the game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for the Nintendo Gamecube

You can actually bring items into those small holes that Link can crouch down and crawl through! Set down the item you want in front of the hole, or push it there. Push it into the hole with your body if possible. Then, crouch down and push the item around! It's hard to bring them through turns; they often get stuck and you go through them when you go past them. You can also push items from behind. Sometimes the item sorta goes through your face. We tried this out at the place on Windfall Island where you first meet Tingle. You can push cups, plates, pitchers (but be sure not to break them), pots, and probably more. If you manage to push something with you to a rat, it will hover in the air as you fall to your doom. Try experimenting with this one!

Submitted by: Connie

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