Pokémon Yellow is a role-playing game for the Game Boy. It is an expansion of Pokemon Red and Blue.

List of glitches Edit

Cinnabar Island east coast (insufficiently described)
The tiles on Cinnabar Island's east coast have no wild Pokemon data of their own, but still trigger wild battles. This causes you to battle the Pokemon available at the last area you visited. Useful for catching species exclusive to the Safari Zone.
Glitch City (local)
A Safari Zone-related map loading error that can place players directly inside of a badly-corrupted overworld.
Mew trick (insufficiently described)
A glitch that allows players to nearly any Pokemon. Though it is more flexible than the Old Man trick, it is also more difficult. It was named for its first application: catching Mew.

List of glitch Pokemon Edit

The Pokemon Yellow counterpart to Red and Blue's MISSINGNO.. Yellow's version of the glitch Pokemon is notably less stable.

Outdated documentation Edit

An effort should be made to find documentation of these glitches on the wiki for this game or game series. If no such documentation exists, an effort should be made to work with the wiki and document these glitches. If, for any reason, these glitches cannot be documented on another wiki, then they should be hosted locally.

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