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Pokémon Red and Blue are role-playing games for the Game Boy.

List of glitch Pokemon Edit

A relatively safe glitch Pokemon that appears to share some data with Poliwhirlh.
A glitch Pokemon.
Charizard 'M
An abnormal glitch Pokemon that can only be obtained by trading specific glitch Pokemon.
h POKé
A glitch Pokemon.
A relatively safe glitch Pokemon that appears to share some data with Poliwrath.
A glitch Pokemon with a large variety of bizarre quirks, including abnormal stats, graphical corruption, and item duplication. MISSINGNO. may be one of the most popular glitches in video gaming history.
A variant of MISSINGNO. that, due to its tendency to crash the game, is commonly and mistakenly believed to be dangerous to one's save file.
An unstable glitch Pokemon.

Outdated documentation Edit

An effort should be made to find documentation of these glitches on the wiki for this game or game series. If no such documentation exists, an effort should be made to work with the wiki and document these glitches. If, for any reason, these glitches cannot be documented on another wiki, then they should be hosted locally.

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