From the game Astrosmash for the Intellivision.

This is very difficult to do, and very rarely occurs. Basically, 'Astrosmash' started out as an entirely different game called 'Meteor!'. The programmer didn't care for the game much, and the legal department figured that Atari might sue them, since the game really resembled 'Asteroids.' So the programmer cut his losses by using the existing 'Meteor!' graphics and sound effects to make a new game, 'Astrosmash'. The programmer didn't want to risk potential bugs and errors by altering the old 'Meteor!' code, so he stuck a branch routine around the opening menu straight into 'Astrosmash'. The code for the 'Asteroids' clone 'Meteor!' is still in the cartridge. Sometimes if a player hit reset, a glitch caused 'Meteor!' to show up instead.

Submitted by: fz2001us

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