From the game Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 for the Nintendo Gamecube

Start by doing either an axle stall, russian boneless, or a bs boneless, and there are probably others you can use too. After you've gotten into one of these lip tricks, hit A to jump out of it and immediately press in the button combination for another lip trick. If you did it right you should be doing the trick upside down. This even works with special lip tricks! You can go from an axle stall to an upside down russian boneless if you want or from a russian boneless to an upside down heelflip FS invert. You can do this on any lip, but it usually looks better on wires or things that are hanging above the ramps. You can try this out on the wires above the big halfpipe in Kona or on the wire above the ramp behind the start point of the Shipyard. You could also do it on any other level on any lip, just those are just some pretty good places to try it out on.

Submitted by: lazio62

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