From the game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for the Nintendo Gamecube

In one area, you must light the torches to receive 100 rupees or so. You are kept behind a gate and are not supposed to be able to cross to the area with the torches; there is an invisible wall. However, you can get past it and explore the sunken ship...

Go to Needle Rock Isle and go into the hole indicated in the picture that is blocked by ice at first (shoot the ice with a fire arrow). You are brought to the area where you must light the torches. You may light the torches if you wish, but it's unnecessary. Get some magic from the pots so you can use your leaf to fly and explore the other sections. Now, stand at the position shown in the picture and aim at a torch that is above you with your hookshot, on the area of the ship. In the photo, we have tried to zoom in on the torch so you may see where to aim it. If you do it just right, you will hookshot to the ship, almost slide off, but get stopped by the gate of the ship. Now, you can look around. If you want to get past the gate that blocks you from the areas, climb onto this wooden piece. Then, use your leaf and fly directly to the area. You can also fly back in the direction you started in and land on a pole. However, you can not fly past the gate from the pole because of an invisible wall and another invisible wall blocks the ship directly in front of you.

I guess this is one of the few games where they make everything you can see solid, even if you're not supposed to be able to get to it. But, going to these forbidden areas does get you sorta stuck there, so you have to restart your game. Have fun exploring!

Submitted by: kornyhatemachine and Connie

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