This is a glitch in the multiplayer level "Tanks a Lot" for the game Metal Arms: Glitch in the System. It should work in all versions of the game.

YouTube user matthewunburdened sent me a message regarding a glitch he found a few years ago in this game, and he asked me if I could record it for him. The glitch in this video was discovered by him.

You can either strafe up the slanted wall next to the column (the method matthewunburdened found) or you can travel directly up the column (the method I found) to get to the top. I found that my method was a bit easier, so that is the one used in the video, but both work fine.

Also, as matthewunburdened reminded me, you can shoot through and throw grenades through the walls once you get to the bottom platform. This is really useful when playing multiplayer games because people can't shoot you back.

YouTube video

Submitted by: SPJglitches

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