For The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64.

Capture a fish or bug in a Bottle, and equip that item to a C-Button. Equip the item you want to "play" to another C-Button. Press the Bottle's button to release its contents, and then press the button to capture them again; this will cause Link to visibly hold the Bottle in his hand. Now find a ledge, and jump off of it. While in the air, press the C-Button for the Bottle, and then the button for the other item. When landing, Link should perform an action depending on what item is being used for this glitch.

  • Link will play the item as if it were an Ocarina. This is the most common result, and it works with swords, bombs, and the bow.
  • Link will take a swig of milk, but gain no health. This happens with event items and other Bottles.
  • Link will take a swig of milk, but gain no health. The item used in the glitch will be replaced with a Bottle, which may be filled with milk. If the game is saved, the change becomes permanent. Happens with the Lens of Truth and some other items.
  • The least likely outcome: nothing happens.

This glitch provides a clever way of playing the Ocarina in situations where it would normally be unusable. Swordless Link is an example of this.

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