From the game Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo Gamecube

Go to the Pinna Park episode "the Wilted Sunflowers". Now, wake up one of those sea turtles with the yoshi egg patterned shells using water. Now, observe the grassy ledge, past the small stone wall, that overlooks the sea. Lure one of the turtles over to the ledge, and when they use the jump attack, hover nozzle off of the edge and maneuver back on. If you're in the right position, the turtle will hopelessly waddle continually into the wall, in hopes of going up to hit you. They won't usually seem to think of coming up unless you go too close to the edge or get in the water with them. And if you go too far away, they will actually go to sleep in the water, making it difficult to get the shine. You can sometimes wake them up by hovering in the water. You can make them fall asleep basically anywhere you want, by making them use the jump attack, then squirting the floor and sliding away until you get too far and they fall asleep. You can make them sleep in the picnic basket, which will look very freaky, in people, on a tree, and more. If you lure them around to the side of the level near the entrance to the park, and wander off a little, not too far as for them to fall asleep, they may, on the way back to the others, actually walk up the wall. And, if you make them use the jump attack when you run to a tree, they will sometimes land in the top of the tree. You can run around the tree and they'll stay up there, thinking that they're nearby to you.

Submitted by: Dyn721

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