From the game Banjo Tooie for the Nintendo 64.

In the main area, go over to where there is the bubble that takes you to Cloud Cuckooland. Make sure you have some clockwork eggs. Now, get sort of close to the bubble but not so close that you'd fly away in it... about one and a half Banjo-widths (great form of measurement...). Now, face in a direction away from the bubble where the ledge is not so nearby and there's no sign. Fire a clockwork egg and make it ram into Banjo so that he falls partially into the bubble. Don't move him. Fire another clockwork egg and steer it into the bubble. It will fly away and you'll be in Cloud Cuckooland. You'll get a message from that military dude saying that you can't fly in the bubble, even though you just did. But, since the cut away scene and everything took some time, the bird will probably blow up pretty quickly afterwards. Then, you will cut back to Banjo and Kazooie and they will fly off in the bubble even though it was supposedly up there with the clockwork birdie. If you do this glitch in Cloud Cuckooland with the bubble that takes you back (the smashing Banjo into the bubble part), you will fall through the bubble and fall through the sky and die.

Submitted by: Mike

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