From the game Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo Gamecube

Go to the squid race in Ricco Harbor. Now, choose a squid - this is easier to do on the medium or fast ones (yellow and pink). It may not be possible to do it on the green one... Race like normally until you get to the orange cones. Now, right when you pass the cones, don't make the turn to the right, but instead jump over the short wall in front of you. It will bring you through a shortcut close to the end of the race. After gliding over the wall, turn to the left to reach the goal. But, when you pass the goal, nothing will happen - you'll keep on racing. If you run into another squid, you'll end up on that one and the one you were on will disappear. You can keep on racing around and around, the goal will not register for some reason.

Submitted by: CyberGlitch

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