From the game The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for the Game Boy

This only works on the black and white version of the game

Go to the Lv 8 Skull Dungeon. Warp yourself around until you reach Lv 8 on the map. Use the Screen warping glitch to the top where it breaks into the map and gives a warp point. Screen Warp to the left, then jump out of the wall. Move up twice - the stairway you entered with won't let you escape. Screenwarp from the stair screen straight down and navigate the invisible lava pits and grass. You'll reach what's supposed to be the "Dodongo-like" midboss of Level 3, but they'll look methed-up (as Kenjoki-Ikari puts it)!

Submitted by: Kenjoki-Ikari

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