From the game The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the Super Nintendo

Do the Navigate weirdly, find a strange room glitch on the northern most door that was originally locked of Hyrule Castle. You should go down, instead of up, and Link will be under the stage. Walk down and you'll hear a stair sound, then Link should appear. Keep on walking down, until you go through a door. You should be on the staircase. Walk back up until you reach the room you started in. Now, you shuold be able to walk under everything, or above everything that's not an object.

Some notable changes: -Monsters disappear -Guards will be above or below you at all times -If you die by falling into the pit, the game will freeze -The big pillar is gone -When you move down with the lantern up, the light will be way up and to the right -When you pick up pots, they disapper -When you try to leave, the game freezes - Going through doors makes you disappear, however stairs and stair-doors work fine.

Submitted by: Thor

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