From the game Yoshi's Island for the Super Nintendo

If you don’t have the baby Mario with you, you can’t morph into a vehicle. You can, however, have Mario stolen right after you become a helicopter when he’s meant to be invulnerable. In level 2-7, Lakitu’s Wall, turn into a car and get to the place where you drop from the small ledge right after the turning platforms. Go left after the fall, stand on the yellow drop platform, and go right to become normal Yoshi again. A small way to the right, there’s a large jump ball. Above it is a small red bridge with little spiky guys on it. Jump into a spiky guy, lose Mario, and avoid both his bubble and the helicopter bubble. Run back to the left and the platform, stand on it, and wait next to the jump ball. Mario’s bubble will float down the shaft and almost reach you, but not quite. Don’t touch it. When you see the little henchmen come down and grab the bubble, use the jump ball to catch up with them. (If you’re too late jumping on the ball, they’ll get away and you won’t have a chance to get up high enough to keep up with you’ll die.) You should catch them just about at the helicopter bubble, and Yoshi will take Mario back. Touch the helicopter bubble this time and Mario will revert to his "safe" bubble stage as you become a helicopter... only right after your transformation, the henchmen will grab the baby, steal him, and you’re down a life.

Submitted by: SolarCloud

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