From the game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for the Nintendo Gamecube

This glitch may potentially cause damage to your game, because it involves opening your system while running the game

Stop your boat by an area where there's treasure at the bottom of the sea and get out your grappling hook. Before lowering it, open and close the Gamecube disc cover to stop the disc. Then, lower your grappling hook into the sea. As soon as it hits the treasure at the bottom, a cut scene will start, and the disc will spin up again. Often the necessary data won't have loaded by the time the treasure is hauled up. The result is that you see the hook come up with nothing (but Link looks at it as though it were treasure). Then, Link will dive into the box and triumphantly hold up nothing! The game will freeze here, you'll have to reset to get out of it. Occasionally, the data will not have loaded by the time Link needs to look in the box. Link will dive into nothing (as if he's opening a box), you'll see some weird camera angles, and the game will freeze.

Submitted by: Thomas Pitt

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