From the game Final Fantasy VII for the Playstation.

Sometimes the limit breaks screw up, and you have a possibility of getting a strange result from it. All of these have bad side effects, and happen randomly.

  • You start out with all limit breaks. You go "horray!" but unfortunately you can't get the final attack material because you need to buy omnislash (Cloud's final limit break) and w-summon to battle for the final attack. You can't buy it because you already know the skill, so you're stuck in a catch-22. Luckily, you can just restart your game if you get this, because it becomes apparent right away.
  • Occasionally, you can't learn your final limit breaks even if you learned the other 7. There is nothing you can do about it but restart your game.
  • Possibility three: The only harmless one. The requirements become altered. It wasn't made to do this. For example, if you need 210 kills, you may now need 240.
  • Possibility four: The worst of them all, but it isn't that common. You'll be stuck on the basic limit breaks, and, once again, there is nothing you can do about it.

Submitted by: Thor

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