From the game Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube

Play as Kirby and have a Mr. Game and Watch player. Go to the Mushroom Kingdom, Green Greens, or Icicle Mountain. Have Kirby suck in Mr. Game and Watch and press down to gain his power. Then, use Kirby's pan to break as many blocks as possible. It's difficult to say exactly how or why this works, but if you're having trouble, try hitting the blocks while you're on top of them so that you fall. Once done correctly, Kirby will hold a pan in his hands and if you use it (B), it will turn grey temporarily. If Kirby dies, he will return as his normal pink self, but he will still be holding the pan. The game acts as if he doesn't have it, though, and pressing B will make Kirby suck in stuff. You can also bring out Kirby's frying pan on Tingle's balloon or Birdo if you hit them while standing on them in the right way.

Submitted by: Jesse

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