From the game Shadow of the Colossus for the Sony Playstation 2.

During the battle with the Eighth Colossus in the game, it is possible to hit its weak points while it is in front of any of the windows of the arena; to do this you have to lure it so its belly is in front of one of the windows and then jump and grab on. If positioned right, this will allow you to cling to the window, and with careful positioning you can take out the weak spot between its back legs this way. If you take out the front weak spot first, taking out the back weak spot that way will cause it to die while on the wall, with the cutscene focusing on a wall and its corpse becoming stuck against the window. Aside from that it causes no abnormalities, and its remains will be in the same spot as usual when you revisit the arena.

Submitted by: Griffinsong

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