From the game Yoshi's Island for the Super Nintendo

This may really mess up your game, so be very careful. Go to level 2-7: Lakitu's Wall. Now, go through the level. Eat as many large shy guys as you can to get large eggs. Keep on going through the level until you get to the last saving point with the information box guy and the bubble that turns you into a car. Now, go under the information box and aim a large egg upwards but don't throw it. Now, jump and shoot the egg up before you hit the block. Your head will hit the block, so push B. But, the egg will hit the block at about the same time and the screen will start flashing. Different things happn for different games. The colors may get messed up and the message will become unreadable and stuck to the screen. Hit B a couple of times to clear the message and voila! Almost all the sprites may disappear - such as Yoshi, the car bubble, any ? clouds, badguys, or the end goal. You may only see coins and the background (with the twinkly star thingies) may take over as a layer of the foreground. You can still go through the level. I don't think you can shoot eggs. If your sprites disappear, It will be hard to continue onwards, because you won't know where the badguys are, but you can guess. If you get to the end and jump through the ending gate, the game may freeze and the screen may go black. I don't reccommend finishing the level like this, because it may hurt your game. However, some versions of the game do not freeze or lose the sprites, but instead get a strange message box that's orange without any of the tan triangles around the border.

Submitted by: kornyhatemachine

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