From the game Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube

This glitch may not work depending on the version of Super Smash Bros. Melee you own. This also requires the use of an Action Replay.

Turn on the infinite jumps code. For version 1.2 it is: 8GG9-1A6K-6TT5N MXH2-MEFP-P8DGZ 84G1-Y26T-K5B5Y 6K7F-UY1T-XFDZ8 DKM5-B7WA-KZJTV UFR0-ZD3Q-80D10 1W10-RB3J-2XMTC

This glitch so far has only been tried with a level 9 Luigi and the player playing as Fox. Run off the edge in Final Destination and go a bit further in the direction in which you ran off. Now, just keep jumping up and down, occasionaly shooting the laser at Luigi, hoping that he reflects it. Eventually, if he reflects it enough times, it becomes an instant hit; once he reflects, it hits you immediately, as though he shot a laser at you at super speed. Also, his attacks will be able to hit you instantly. For example, his butllet attack will hit you, even if you are down near the bottom, or up a bit higher.

Submitted by: Jesse

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