From the game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for the Nintendo Gamecube

Get to the point where you've already healed your grandmother with a fairy so you can get her granny's soup. Get a full amount of it in one bottle, and have another empty bottle. Equip the bottle that has granny's soup in it, then hit whichever button you have it set to and start at the same time. It should open your inventory. From here, switch out the bottle of soup with the empty bottle, then unpause it. Link should drink half of the bottle, but if you look, it's not from the bottle you had before, it's from the one that was previously empty! You now should have a full bottle of it and a bottle that is half full. (If you do this with a bottle that is only half full you will end up with only a half full bottle, your empty bottle will remain will still recover all health and double your attack.) The reason this works is that you are switching the bottle out as you are supposed to be using when you switch to an empty bottle it doesn't realize that the bottle was switched and since it was already in the process of using it, the contents are copied into your empty bottle. You end up with the empty bottle only being half full because you use half of it in the process. You can do this as often as you like, meaning you now have unlimited health and magic! And not only does the soup completely refill your health, it doubles your attack! Combine that with the Magic Armor and you're unstoppable!! You can use this to copy anything you can hold in bottles.

Submitted by: lazio62

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