From the game Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire for the Nintendo 64.

Activate the Shadows of the Empire debug mode.

Go to the level where you fight Boba Fett. Before you reach the area where you have to fight the mini boss "AT-ST", you go on some kind of hover carrier where a huge white space ship flies off into the sky. If you do not use the transport to get to the other side, the ship will not fly.

Jump down to the brown rocky area and go to the exit hole. Adjust your gravity and jump settings with the debug menu. Also use the "get all items" option so you can have the jetpack if you don't already. Jump into the air as far as you can before you start using your jetpack to fly to the first platform as shown in the picture. Don't go to the usual second platform. With timing and wise use of the jetpack, you'll make it. Keep in mind that if you don't use the jetpack and if you jump too high, you will probably end up falling and dying on the land. Now, go through the door and into the big room.

You'll see the chicken walker (AT-ST) dancing from side to side. If you go down to the area where you would have come through with the transport, you'll see that the second platform door is closed! Also you will see that the white ship still there! You can even walk through the ship like as if it were a ghost and see what is inside. The AT-ST will still shoot at you and can even shoot you when you're in the ship.

Submitted by: phoenix_advance

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