From the game Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller For the Panasonic 3DO.

This game has a particularly nasty bug that could leave you unable to complete it. When you talk to Splits Magnola in Fitzgerald's Bar, he'll give you a clue for defeating the hitman. The problem is that a glitch in the game causes the hitman to kill Splits Magnola immediately after you're done talking with him. If you save your game after this happens, you won't be able to complete it because you need to recruit Splits Magnola to get through another part. The effect is that you'll have to initiate the sequence for killing the hitman before you talk to Splits and learn what to do. As if this part of the game wasn't botched enough, when you're done, talk to the man who is watching TV. He will say, "That guy just killed Splits Magnola!", even though Splits is alive and well and in your party.

Taken with permission from Flying Omelette.

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