Halo: Combat Evolved is a first-person shooter for the Xbox developed by Bungie Studios. A PC port of the game ("Halo PC") exists; that port has an add-on (Halo Custom Edition) that allows users to play user-created maps.

List of glitches Edit

Floating Assault Rifles
In 343 Guilty Spark, a glitch allows a player to examine a neat trick Bungie used to produce cinematic AR fire.
Headless Master Chief
By glitching into a cryo pod in the game's first level, a player can see the Master Chief, but with no head rendered. This glitch can sometimes kill the player.
Riding a Pelican
Multiple levels in the game feature sections where the player can jump on top of a Pelican, potentially exiting or skipping parts of levels.
Shafted cinematic
Three glitches that allow players to interfere with cutscenes in the game. Effects include the unexplained deaths of Marines, the ability to kill the Master Chief during a cutscene, and the ability to make a Banshee attack Cortana.
Stay in a Pelican
This glitch allows a player to remain inside of a Pelican, even when map scripting would force them to exit.
Stopping time
AI-controlled characters freeze when you pass a loading point. If you force one past a loading point, you can interact with it while it is frozen.

Outdated documentation Edit

An effort should be made to find documentation of these glitches on the wiki for this game or game series. If no such documentation exists, an effort should be made to work with the wiki and document these glitches. If, for any reason, these glitches cannot be documented on another wiki, then they should be hosted locally.

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