For the game Half-Life 2 for the Microsoft XBOX

Now there are 2 ways to do this. I'll be documenting them both.

  1. 1: Get to the point where Grigori throws you the shotgun, and move under his catwalk, BEFORE you enter the appartment. Zoom in, and sight out the black shotgun (as his will not move, it is a "solid" physics object untill he touches it) and shoot it off the catwalk with the .357. You can either collect it and fight the Fast Zombie Horde, or leave it and get his shotgun free. It doesnt realy matter either or.
  1. 2: As #1 can cause some problems with the games scripts if you perform the Get out of Ravenholm Glitch afterwords, #2 is a bit safer to perform, though more difficult. Carry a Radiatior (Its those metal things attached to walls) to the Graveyard section of Ravenholm. Carry it with you untill Grigori Holds the gate, and pass through holding it under just right (Vertical) under the gate. When the gate closes, it will be wedged into place. Shoot it with the gravity gun at Grigori, and it will kill him, and the shotgun will fly over the fence and land near you, where you can simply collect it, no problems.
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