From the game Donkey Kong 64 for the Nintendo 64.

Turn into Hulky Chunky in the main overworld (there's a small island to the right of the banana fairy island that has the barrel). Now, swim over to the banana fairy island. Try swimming onto it (don't dive into the water). You should slide strangely and eventually you will slide inside. Turn small. Now, there are certain pieces of land you can jump onto from where you are. You can either get stuck in the caged area in the back of the island and have to restart. Or, you can jump onto the entrance path and enter the banana fairy place backwards. You can then hang out inside and exit normally. You can probably even get the camera as Chunky...

Submitted by: Nicolas Daoust and Matt

A Youtube video of this glitch can be seen here. It also demonstrates that this is possible with other Kongs (though it is easiest with Hulky Chunky).

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