From the game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for the Nintendo Gamecube

This works in several spots, but Windfall Island has a lot of good places to have fun with. Get some of those pear-things you use to call seagulls. Now, while on Windfall, call a seagull and fly around. You can go through the ferris wheel balcony - look at the screenshots for guidelines. You want to fly up from the area where the wood-stuff meets the yellow stone. Also, if you go to that island with Link's cabana, there is an umbrella out in the sun. If you fly through it from inside of it, you will get stuck above it.

You can also go underneath Windfall Island. Go behind the building with the rich guy's home at the edge of Windfall Island and fly into the area where the wooden planks meet the stone wall. You'll be inside the building's shape, but not in the actual building. You can fly to the doorway, or if you spiral in a way so you don't leave the walls, you can go under Windfall and then go basically anywhere from there. Try experimenting!

Submitted by: Connie

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