From the game Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube

If you go to Homerun contest and get the bag to go really far, then this glitch will happen. The approximate lengths are 4556.9 ft on the old version and 3458.9 on the newer versions. The programmers didn't want to waste memory on the homerun contest by making it go on forever. So they figured you wouldn't hit the bag this far. But once you go past these measurements, the sandbag will go through the floor; they didn't bother programming a floor for this part. The bag will keep on falling and going forwards (usually) and never stop. This will probably give you a max score. Also, if you use the action replay to get to the debug menu, you can actually fight on this stage. If you go far enough, you may reach the "edge", which will appear to be in the middle of the stage. You can fall off of it.

Now, to get scores high enough to achieve those distances, you will need to use a strict combination of attacks. It will work with Gannondorf. Grab the bat and continually do two things: do your down + A move in midair on the bag and throw the bat at the bag (make sure you catch it when it returns). Now when the timer is at 1, face away from the bag but still touch it and do a Warlock punch (b button attack). It also helps to throw the bat upwards so that when you do the punch the bag will get extra damage. This is somewhat difficult to pull off; you can come up with your own versions of getting the bag that far.

Submitted by: Nathan

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