From the game The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for the Game Boy

This only works on the black and white version of the game

Go to the small doghouse in Mabe Village. Go to the top of it and hold down. Do not let go of the down button. Tap right slowly so you go to the right of the doghouse, but don't let go of the down button! Now, carefully press Left. You should end up in a freaky glitch world with multiple rooms, strange enemies, and invisible walls. This may be the same glitch world as Glitch World #1, just missing the fisherman's area. As with all glitch worlds, saving in this area MAY HURT YOUR GAME. You may also be warped to Goponga Swamp, so then you'll have to return to Mabe Village to retry the glitch. Going to the Glitch World too often MAY INJURE YOUR GAME - be careful!

Submitted by: Shari Aldrich and Clark Beyer

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