From the game Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire for the Nintendo 64.

Remember the Hover Train carriage that goes plunging into the muck in the Train level? You'll be safely on a different ride seeing nothing but the top part only of the train that goes into the muck! As the train goes down, go on the other train next to it and jump onto the roof. You will go plunging into the muck. Make sure you stay alive by standing on the safe side of the carriage (back right hand side). Observe the other train track. The train you are on will move back and then go back into it's original state in the muck. If you keep looking at the safe train track you were supposed to go on, you'll notice another hover train pass by. You only have one chance to jump on it! Using the debug mode, modify the gravity to about 0.667 and the jump figure to higher than usual. You will keep riding on this train. You'll PASS all the carriages you were supposed to already walk on. However, the other trains will go right through you like a GHOST train, along with any enemies that might appear scary to you. Instead of heading for IG-88 you'll be going through the second train track and meet with the second hover train that you would usually LAST jump off from.

Try and jump onto that one and you should experience the ghost train trip again but in reverse. If you stay on the train still, you'll fall off the end of the level and die from falling! One the bright side... at least you'll know what's at the very start of the train level!

Submitted by: phoenix_advance

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