From the game Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage for the Playstation.

You can get to Crush with only 1 talisman and without swimming. Go to the Hunter's task which gives you an orb. Go to the highest platform which is next to the hills. Go to the edge which is nearest to the second area of Summer Forest (the area with Hurricos and some other levels). Jump and hold square in the mid-air. You can get through the hill and glide to the next area, which would normally require swimming.

Now, go to the area with Hurricos level. Go up the staircase and make sure that the right door is open. Stand under the door and try to flame the closest button. If you do it right, the door closes and you are standing inside it. Go near the right wall and face it. Jump and hold square in mid-air. You may get through the wall and glide to the long red tube to access Crush with only one talisman! This may take several tries.

Submitted by: Tiigon

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