From the game Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo Gamecube

This is a very hard glitch and can take up to two hours to do. On the west side of Isle Delfino, there are trees which lead to a pipe which you can only get to with the rocket boost. But, you can do it another way with the hover rocket or the booster rocket.

Hover rocket method: This is the harder of the two. Stand on the ledge where the cannon is. Now, stand on the spot right before where you hit the corner turn. Do a triple jump, and aim off to the left. If you don't hit it at the top, then it most likely won't work. Aim for the trunk part of the first tree that jots out. if you land on it, take extra caution because if you fall, it will take you a long time to get back up. Jump and use the hover nozzle to get to the top of the first tree, then jump and hover nozzle again to the next one. Do the same thing to get to the next tree. Now, on this tree, do a spin jump, a wall bounce, and hover. If you did it correctly, you should go down the pipe!

Boost Rocket Method: This one is much easier. On the lowest tree, aim for the wall where it and the trunk meet. Try to hit it and bounce back while using the turbo on the water. Now do a side jump to get ontop of the tree. Do a spin jump and aim for the trunk of the next one. Side jump again. Do the regular spin jump to go to the next tree trunk and side jump to get ontop again. Do the spin jump, then a wall jump to land right on the edge of the ledge that the pipe is on. You may then enter the pipe.

Submitted by: Thor

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