From the game Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo Gamecube

Go to Gelato Beach and into the episode called "Red Coins in the Coral Reef". Get Yoshi, who is near where you start out. A lot of the fruits (the bananas, pineapple, and pear) are in a small building by the hill. Then, get the yellow subtance off of the dune bud by the building by spraying it with Yoshi juice. The dune bud should be the one that forms a footprint. Right when the foot forms, do a ground pound. You have to time it so that you jump about when the bud turns skinny. If your timing was good, you will see Mario falling from the sky towards the sun! Most of the time, the camera will flash around in the sky and then fall back to the ground where you were and still are standing. While the camera is in the sky, you can push buttons and sometimes get off of Yoshi. When the camera comes back, you will be off of Yoshi and Yoshi will be nowhere. But, if you water the dune bud and make the foot appear, you will suddenly be on Yoshi. Also, with this glitch, you can sometimes get stuck falling forever in the sky. You can do tricks in the air, spin, jump off yoshi, etc. But if you do this properly, the only way to end it is to reset, since you can't pause to leave while in the air. Sometimes your juice meter will act very strange during this time, for example draining but suddenly warp to being full.

Submitted by: Dyn721

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