From the game Halo 2 for the Microsoft XBOX.

Right at the beginning of the level, go to the right of a doorway, and you should see a pile of rubble. Go against the wall, and you should see a pile of rumble that's quite high. Get somebody ontop of there, and crouch. Now have your friend jump atop your head. Have your friend jump and you stand up so you can reach higher areas. On the left side of the area opposite of the wall, you should see a rafter. Have the person atop your head jump there, and now just jump onto the building.

From here, go as far as you can to the left without falling off. Jump over onto the building in the area you were going to in the middle of the town (about). From here, jump to the right, and go until you see a bunch of vents. Jump onto vent #2, and then jump onto the nearest balcony. Jump to the next balcony, then make a sharp right turn and crouch. If you are lucky, you will either land on the ruins or the balcony. If you are on the balcony, jump to the rubble. Now, climb up the part sticking up on the ruins, and jump onto the top of the building. You are now outside of the level!

Submitted by: Thor

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